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Professional stagers in the Valley have been anticipating the opening of the NEW StagingRents showroom and after over a year in the planning it is finally open. 30,000 sq. ft. of air-conditioned showroom devoted exclusively to home staging. We're still tweaking it here and there, but now a full staging including all accessories can be accomplished and scheduled in a couple hours. So whether you're a ProStager or a Do-it-Yourselfer, drop by today and see how we can get your stagings done in a snap.


The StagingRents Advantage

Even though staging a home successfully takes a skillful blend of art and science, the elements of the actual staging are pretty simple. The staging needs great furniture, art and accessories delivered and set up with care and on time. Later, those elements must be picked up according to schedule. If any one piece is lacking, the staging is an unfinished work of art. No artist would consider going to one store for canvas, another for paint, another for brushes, and then engage the services of a delivery company to deliver the supplies.

At StagingRents we recognize that you are the artist, and we are the art supply company with the science of home staging down pat.

Our Customers

Our customers usually fit into one of the three categories shown below. We've developed a list of questions and answers relating to each of the three. Go ahead and take a look. Hopefully, we've answered any of the questions you've been wondering about.
Home Staging Designers
Our business model is centered around the needs of independent home stagers who require a reliable rental and delivery source for home staging furniture, art and accessories. Every aspect of our process is intended to streamline and assist home stagers to make each staging as worry-free and profitable for the stager as possible. Our intention is to support the stager while standing in the background as their sole supplier for every staging need.
Real Estate Brokers
Most real estate professionals engage the services of a professional home stager to enhance their listing. If you are inclined to rent directly from StagingRents, that is no problem. We don't provide in-home consulting ourselves since that would conflict with our relationships with home stagers, but if you bring a floorplan, and a few ideas, we can work together to tailor a package and set up the furnishings with a minimum of effort on your part.
Stage It Yourself Homeowners
Stage It Yourselfers need not worry. We are here to help. Grab a floorplan of your home, and drop by our showroom. Please have room dimensions and window placements for the rooms you plan on staging. Take as many pictures as you think will be necessary to portray the feel of each room. In a little over an hour we will probably have the pieces selected and the delivery scheduled.

Benefit From Our Experience Making The Home Staging Miracle a Reality

After setting up thousands of stagings in the Phoenix area, we've refined the process and are ready to pass that know-how on to you. Here are a few links which might help to jump-start your staging.
Cost to Stage
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Cost NOT to Stage?
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How to Pick Out a Staging We Give You Tags. But Don't Ask For Any Other Favors